Concrete Strengthening

Over the last 30 years, externally bonded plates have been used successfully within the construction industry for structural strengthening. The latest technology provides the modern design engineer the option of structural strengthening with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites.

The primary benefit of composite strengthening is the rare ability to adapt the make-up of the materials to meet project specific requirements. Most specialist material suppliers now otter a diversity of modem high performance fibre materials that are complimented with proven and tested structural adhesives.

These materials now have a proven track record from projects completed on the Continent and recent flagship projects in the UK. Encapsulating high strength unidirectional fibres in high strength resin provides the technology of composite strengthening. The resin matrix distributes the stresses between individual fibres. These fibres possess a high tensile strength with a high modulus of elasticity.

Key Features of Composites when used for Structural Strengthening

  • Lightweight - Minimal dead load and easy to handle
  • High Strength - High Young’s modulus and high tensile strength
  • Quick installation - Reduced costs for installation with easy to apply techniques
  • Structural - Post strengthening of structures for load carrying purposes
  • Rust free - FRP materials are resistant to corrosion and chemical attack
  • Size - Nominal applied thickness -no bulky arrangement
  • Choice - Range of composites to suit differing needs
  • Quality - Quality control manufacture of all components
  • Performance - Proven use throughout Europe

Summary of Strengthening Using Composites

Fibre reinforced composites provide an essential option to the modern construction team when seeking an engineered solution for structural strengthening.

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