Hand Repairs

Contech UK carries out many different types of concrete repairs. With our protective coatings, we are able to restore and protect the concrete to help prevent further concrete repairs being needed in the future.


Typical Concrete Hand Repair Procedure

Prepare the Surface - Cut back behind steel to leave clean, sound concrete and clean steel to a bright finish.


Protect Steel and apply Bond Coat - Apply a proprietary bond coat to steel and concrete substrate. While this remains tacky, proceed with next stage.


Apply Repair Mortar - Mix and apply a proprietary repair mortar. Thorough curing is always essential.

Apply Levelling Coat - If the new or existing surface is uneven, apply a proprietary levelling coat to level the surface. Such coatings will also provide extra cover and protection to the whole surface including repaired and un­repaired areas.

Apply Protective Coating - A range of coatings and finishes can be applied to protect the repaired surface and improve the appearance of the finished work.

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