Gyvlon Liquid Screed – Floor Screeding service


Gyvlon Liquid screed is a market leader in Europe for screeding and is one of Contech UK's newest services. We see it growing in popularity fast due to its wide range of uses.

A flat floor liquid screed

Under a 2m level, the industry standard tolerance for liquid screed is SR2 plus or minus 5mm. Though a traditional (non-liquid) screed is installed to an SR3 tolerance of plus or minus 10mm. The laying of these floor finishes becomes easier the flatter the floor surface is.


Quality Guidelines

With traditional floor screed it is very hard to enforce quality guidelines. This is not the case with Liquid Screed as it is pre-mixed and prior to installation, the viscosity is checked against manufacturer installation standards.


Low Depth

Liquid screed can be laid at depths far lower than that of traditional floor screed. At 25mm bonded, 40mm to insulation and 50mm to under floor heating this reduced depth option opens it to being a viable option over sand and cement. Take a look at the below comparison.


The Advantages of Low Depth.

Also, the thickness mentioned above means that Gyvlon liquid screed has double the thermal conductivity than that of traditional screed equating to a 10% saving on running costs.
This reduced depth is also more conductive to heat meaning that underfloor heating screed systems heat up and cool down more quickly.
It is also ready for floor finishes sooner than a traditional screeding.


Fast installations

Our teams can install Gyvlon liquid screed very quickly at over 800m2 per day. Around five times faster than the installation of a traditional screed.
In areas up to 900m2, Liquid screed can be installed without the need for joints.



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