Resin Injection

Cracking can occur in many different types of structure and for many different reasons.

The technique of injecting resins, of various types, to structurally bond the fractured sections of the structure and seal the cracks against ingress of water and/or other aggressive agents is now widely accepted as one of the most cost-effective approaches to solving problems of this type.


  • Low Viscosity Resins are usually utilised to fill fine cracks (typically of width 0.2mm - 2mm) in concrete and masonry.
  • Thixotropic Resins are normally used on wider concrete and masonry cracks (0.5mm -8mm wide).
  • Some typical applications of injection techniques include:
  • To solve the problems that can arise from plastic and drying shrinkage cracks in new construction.
  • To stabilise floor slabs that have deteriorated with time. The technique is particularly well suited for the treatment of filler joist construction floor slabs.
  • To compliment mechanical ties to address the problem of debonded external ceramic or mosaic tiles.
  • To impregnate the surface of porous masonry to halt weathering and erosion.


Summary of Resin Injection:
Wide ranges of specialist resins are available and this technique should be given serious consideration when tackling structural cracking or delamination problems.

We focus on providing a service at a competitive price but without any compromise on safety or the high standards rightfully demanded by today’s client.

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